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Do Not Be Slaves To Technology

The information age and addictions
In today’s day and age, we often find ourselves addicted to technology and glued to our electronic devices. Be it the phone, the tablet, the laptop or the television screen, we are all slaves to technology today. From the tender age, children start using technology and the electronic devices. Gone are the days where a child would occupy herself by playing with toys cars or little dolls. Today, we see little children playing with phones and manipulating electronic devices with astonishing skill. Children demand for electronic devices to play with and are not satisfied when they are given toys. This addiction grows as we grow older and we continue to rely on our electronic devices for all we do. Our phones have become our cameras, our watches, our alarm clocks, and our calculator and have even replaced face to face communication.

Enjoying the natural world
While technology has many advantages, it is of paramount importance to remember that we should not let ourselves be slaves of technology. Technology can never replace the beauty of nature that we see around us. Though we can search online and look at pictures of various lovely sites across the world through our phone screens, it can never replace visiting these sites and enjoying the sights and smells ourselves. Further, while we can keep in touch with friends and family across the world thanks to the various social media sites available today, this can never replace some quality time spent with them face to face.

Step out and enjoy the world around you
Therefore, it is important to connect with each other and with nature on a more primitive level whenever we can. Instead of using our free time to scroll through our social media newsfeeds or instead of staying glued to the laptop screens watching movie after movie, it would be good to get out of the house and enjoy nature. You can go for picnics, walks, go on camping expeditions and salmon fishing tours.

Further, we you can also make an effort to go on these picnics and salmon fishing tours, with our family and friends. This will help us to spend quality time with each other and get to know each other better instead of mere virtual communication.

Cultivate a healthy environment
Further, we should also encourage our children and family also to spend more time with each other and to move away from the electronic devices and to step out into the world and enjoy nature. This will help us to cultivate a more interactive and healthy environment. This will reduce the tensions and conflicts amongst ourselves and will help us be more tolerant and understand each other better.

07 Apr 2016

Ways To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Everyone loves to have a swimming pool at their backyard, but are people ready to go through a regular cleaning and maintenance? 

There are so many people who do not give much importance to pool maintenance. However, they are unaware of the fact that the pool pump is definitely the chief engine to your pools filtration and circulation system.

If you want your swimming pool to stay tidy and clean, it is essential for you to carry on with regular pool maintenance services and make sure that the pump is always in proper working condition.

Make sure that you do follow a regular pump maintenance work done. It will help your pool to look attractive, genuinely clean and appear inviting. Here are some steps or ways to maintain your pool:

• Check the level of water

You should regularly monitor that your pool has a standard water level, every time. If the level of water goes extremely low, then it is possible that the pump will start running dry and loose it prime. In this way the motor of your pump or the pump itself will get damaged.

• Skimmer baskets should be kept clean

Ensure that your skimmer basket is in a clean state and free of debris. In case you do not heed attention to your skimmer basket and is neglected, then it will get filled with unwanted debris. This will sooner or later confine smooth flow of water to the pump and this way the motor or the pump will eventually get damaged. Congested or blocked skimmer baskets will ultimately lead to improper filtration together with water clarity problems. You will also notice algae blooming from every corner with water of the pool getting cloudy and dirty. This is why every pool owner should ensure that their skimmer basket is cleaned regularly especially during windy days and with backyards which have a lot of plants and trees.

• Cleaning the Pump Basket

Just as the skimmer basket, the pump basket too must be maintained and cleaned regularly. It will always keep you at a safer zone.

• Prime the Pool Pump

Every time the lid of the pump gets removed and then reinstalled at the cleaning phase, make sure that the pump gets filled with water till the upper most part of the inlet before you get the pump restarted. All that you need to do is use a small basket or the hose and then add water to the pump. This will be quite useful for the pump when it starts and it will avert it from running dry for a lengthy time span.

22 Mar 2016